Top 5 Fish Dishes you Shouldn’t Miss Out On!

Tuna, salmon, mackerel, herring, sardine…wow, the list just goes on and on and enticingly long. Everyone definitely would have a favourite dish. While your picky bestie may go after that Italian baked fish marinara, mom may love Goan fish curry and daughter chilli prawn fry! While these would set most of your tongues tingling, let’s get reading to find out the top 5 easy fish dishes that Indians long for.

Masala Fried Pomfret – Roll the drums for this popular winner. What can we say except that heaven never tasted this good! Eat it as an appetizer when you have someone over for dinner or maybe, when you’re just in the mood to lift your own spirits. It can even be an accompaniment to your main course. Just don’t blame us if it disappears first!

Fish Curry with Lotus Stems: An authentic Kashmiri dish, it’s quite a sight to behold and relish. The czar of Indian flavours – Marut Sikka – makes this whopping stunner and gets us scurrying to the kitchen to put our best hand forward!

Karimeen Pollichathu [Marinated pearl spot fish wrapped & steamed in a banana leaf]: When it comes to seafood, how could we possibly ignore God’s own country and its long coastline? If you must go for some yum fresh catch, it’s got to be from this verdant state. Among other non-vegetarian and seafood fare, Karimeen Pollichathu definitely is the most revered fish dish from the Malayali kitchen.

Maacher Jhol [Bengali Fish Curry]: You know what they say. Folks from West Bengal & Kerala are a lot similar! They trip on football and love their fish. This is traditionally a spicy and aromatic fish curry that’s best served with hot rice.

Goan Fish Curry – True, the sunny sandy beaches of Goa are most sought after for having a good time. But it’s also the best place to bring in that best catch. A lot like Kerala, Goans use coconut in their dishes. And this finger-licking delicacy is no different. Just a small tip while digging in, ditch the cutlery, use those hands instead. You’re welcome!

What drool-worthy seafood dish would you be trying out in the kitchen today? A simple fry that your kids like or an elaborate curry for the whole family? No matter what you opt for, choose the best formalin-free fish, only from Fipola.

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