When meatless can make you meaningless!

“Meat is where the heart is” for all the meat lovers out there just like how yellow is the new black for some. Irrespective of when and where meat lovers will always prefer to eat meat related dishes not only because they love it but for its rich proteins and the goodness it carries. The word veggies would never entertain them as much as the meat. If it really does, you would definitely try these three interesting snacks that would give you a yummiest snack break ever.


Kebabs with any meat whether it is chicken, goat, beef or other tastes so good. The delicious meat grilled in a charcoal fire enhances the flavour and your mood. The secret to Succulent and mouth-watering chicken lies in the amount of time the meat is allowed to soak in the marinades. Kebabs are the best party poppers that will be the best snack when served with chutney, Mayo and onions. Try out other depth of kebab flavours from fipola.


Momos are the cute little dumplings made with flour, It can be either steamed or fried. Both would go well with your soul and the red spicy chutney. Fillings are made with boiled shredded meat and vegetables. Very easiest to make and eye catching snack that fills both your eyes and your tummy. Wheat flour can be used instead for a healthy momo snack. Yes, the Perfect momo edges crafting part is to save the fillings break apart.


Chicken nugget is a breaded snack found in most of the fast food restaurants in the starter section. It is very popular among children as you can eat it with various flavours of sauces, dips and mayo. This beautiful golden crispy out with juicy in heart snack can be a best boredom remedy. If you’re still in the curious state about the taste, try it out without wasting a minute.

Of course, the exact nutritional values and the protein gains depend on the brand you choose and in the good quality of the meat. You know what is best and where to get it. May the versatile proteins and nutrients give you more meaning to your meat life than never before. Happy Meat-ing you 

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