What’s different with our marinades?

What does the marinade do for any meat? Must be your first thought. Basically every marinade has oil, spices, seasonings, citric and vinegar, to make the meat tasty, juicy and more flavorful. Marinating any meat would enhance its own taste and brings out its deliciousness. But, do you know the cuts and the secret ingredient has to do something with the meat?


Cuts of meat have to be considered for a tender and soft meat that we eat. Marinades of chicken, mutton and sea food consist of different cuts. Such as fillet, cube cut, tikka cut, strips, chops, lollipop, wings and when it comes to prawns de shelled and de veined. Of course, we use the cuts based on our marinade’s recipe. Every meat we chop for marinades are our very own butcher crafted especially for the purpose.


We have chicken marinades, mutton marinades, fish marinades. Also many varieties including peri peri, spicy chicken, fish tikka etc… you can either bake it or grill it, Both will taste super good. Our marinades are like no other and give you the touch of perfection. To fulfill your food experience and to give you the richness in taste, flavor and texture.


Our marinades are developed in our marinade commissary with the own made garam masala, cumin powder, kashmiri chilli and mustard oil with the right oil. Also, we know that the artificial colors are not good for your health so we avoid it. Our marinades are prepared, cooked, tasted and tested by the experts before we sell it to our amazing customers. Bringing the best to our customers because that is what they deserve. Check out the cool ways to prepare the marinated meat.

Sounds incredibly delicious, isn’t it? What’s the final difference of our marinades is we ensure that the quality of every meat we use for marinades and all the sauces are made by our very well trained chefs to make sure of the uniqueness on the whole.

Planning to put up a dinner party with your friends and families? Try out the shades of our marinades with red wine an exotic combo that would linger in your mouth the whole day. Enjoy eating!!!

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