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The 5 Best Meat & Veggie Pairings

A meal is considered complete only if it has proteins, fibres, starch, and other essential nutrients.   When you are busy plating your yummy meat dishes, always ensure that it is balanced with vegetables to make it a complete meal. And just like choosing the right wine to go with the right meat, you can pair…

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Top 5 Fish Dishes you Shouldn’t Miss Out On!

Tuna, salmon, mackerel, herring, sardine…wow, the list just goes on and on and enticingly long. Everyone definitely would have a favourite dish. While your picky bestie may go after that Italian baked fish marinara, mom may love Goan fish curry and daughter chilli prawn fry! While these would set most of your tongues tingling, let’s…

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What’s different with our marinades?

What does the marinade do for any meat? Must be your first thought. Basically every marinade has oil, spices, seasonings, citric and vinegar, to make the meat tasty, juicy and more flavorful. Marinating any meat would enhance its own taste and brings out its deliciousness. But, do you know the cuts and the secret ingredient…

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