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When meatless can make you meaningless!

“Meat is where the heart is” for all the meat lovers out there just like how yellow is the new black for some. Irrespective of when and where meat lovers will always prefer to eat meat related dishes not only because they love it but for its rich proteins and the goodness it carries. The…

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9 Reasons Why Poultry & Meat Should Be Part Of Your Balanced Diet

Chicken, duck, turkey, fish, prawns, squid, crab, mussels, lamb, beef – options for non-vegetarians are plenty.  Take a look at nine reasons why poultry and meat should be a part of your balanced diet.  1. They are delicious  Some people eat to live. And some people live to eat meat and poultry.  Nutrition and taste…

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What exactly is Sustainable Seafood?

As the entire world is getting conscious of the recklessness of humankind on nature, people are making more environment-friendly choices than before. For too long, the seafood industry has functioned without any set guidelines in place – leading to over-exploiting the global fish population. This has led to several breeds being dangerously close to depletion. …

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